From New York to Los Angeles.


It’s 5 months today since I moved here to LA from NY with basically no plan what so ever.
The lease for my apt in Soho was coming to the end and as much as I wanted to renew, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on paying a crazy amount of money for such little space.

I have always wondered about LA. I had been here on vacation a couple of times before - visiting friends and exploring the city and I loved it. The weather was always great, so much nature and super Vegan friendly!

It was only a month before I actually moved that I decided to take this step.
I agonized over the decision for a few days and something pushed me to choose LA.
Well actually, I wasn't really sure what I wanted (Still don't) but something pulled me towards this new city anyhow.

The first couple of weeks of moving here, I missed New York A LOT.
I regretted the move so much and as hard as I tried, I couldn't see the silver lining.
I was staying with a friend in west Hollywood to begin with and I had no car, Or even a license so I found it hard to go anywhere. The little money that I’d saved up, I blew in the first couple of months on Ubers, drinks and eating all the Vegan food : )

The only thing that kept me in a sort of positive mindset was having Runyon Canyon on my door step and I would Hike this hill every single day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

The View from the top showed me what a beautiful place this city can be and moving my body kept me from getting too lost in my thoughts. I had no idea why I came. I LOVED my apartment in NY. I LOVE New York, everything about it.
Why The hell did I do this for? I’m so stupid, I never think!! Was basically what was going round and round in my mind.

Fast forward 5 months. After going back and forth friend’s places and Airbnbs, I am now settled in my own apartment on the Westside.
I love this Apartment, and there is so much more space than my studio apt in New York. It has a pool and a gym (No more excuses for not working out), It has enough space for me to set up Studio and it feels like home.

People say that LA takes time. To settle, to make friends to make it really feel like home, and I’ definitely feeling that.
But as much as I have have days where I miss NY so much that it is almost like heart break, I also have days when I just know, deep down that I made the right choice.

In the end, right or wrong it doesn’t matter. I’m here now and I am going to make the most of my life here.
And to see the good instead of the bad (Been struggling with this lately).

It is all part of the journey, isn’t it? And you never see clearly when you are right in the middle of it but I know one day, I will know why I came here. And maybe there are meant-be-to kind of ‘reasons’ for our actions / changes in our lives but I also believe we make our own reasons.

Whatever it is, I am grateful to this city for giving me a new home and I hope I can give back in someway.
Also, I must say that the weather is great and the sunsets are magical. I can’t complain. Sorry to my friends who are freezing to death in other parts of the world : )

Anyway, let’s see what new experience, new people and inspiration this city brings.

NY、ソーホーで一年間住んだアパートの更新から1ヶ月前、更新するつもりではいたんだけど、前から頭のどこかにあった ’LAに住む’ と言うアイディアが浮かんだ。以前バケーションで行った事あって楽しかったな〜って。でもNYが本当に大好き。どうしよう!!








結果、どこにいてもどういう暮らし方をするかは自分次第。来た意味を待つ、探すと言うよりは、ここに来た ‘意味’ を自分で


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